Amlat Infant Formulas Made in Wisconsin USA                  

Amlat Dairy Ltd selected Monroe, Wisconsin as the ideal location for their Powdered Milk Products. Their business focus is the production and marketing of exceptional dairy products, with a primary focus on the processing of nutritious, easy-to-use Infant Formulas in powdered form for newborns and up to toddlers, ages 0-3 years old. 

(Production and distribution will begin in 2016 upon completion of their Wisconsin Dairy facility.)

Amlat’s Nourish & Flourish™ product line requires a supply of dependable and consistent quality milk. Production also depends on the rigid USDA/FDA health regulations to ensure and certify food safety and quality. Amlat’s Research & Development specialists are essential to create and oversee the production of our dairy-based formulas that will provide outstanding nourishment as a supplement or substitute for breast milk so infants will grow and flourish as healthy children.

Nourish & Flourish™ Infant Formula has been designed and formulated to deliver the Nutritional Requirements for children from infant through toddler stages.  Amlat’s stage-based Nourish & Flourish product formulas were created during the past two years to ensure mothers will feel assured they are using the highest quality, purest and exceptionally nutritious infant formula for their child.



Amlat’s three-stage product line was created to fulfill a child’s increasing nutritional needs.

Newborn to 6 Months

Nourish & Flourish™ Stage 1 is formulated to be closer to the composition of breast milk so it supplies the digestive and nutritional needs of newborn babies—0 through 6 months.  The critical brain-nourishing nutrients in this formula help support infants’ eye development and sight as well as their ability to grasp and roll over.

6 Months to 12 Months

Nourish & Flourish™ Stage 2 is designed to support the babies’ ongoing development and growth and at the same time complement solid foods that are gradually introduced.  It is important that all feeding choices are based on proper levels of nutrients and calories to ensure vitality and strength necessary to support the ongoing stages of development, like sitting, crawling, standing and taking first steps.

1 Year to 3 Years

Nourish & Flourish™  Stage 3 is formulated for the more active baby and into the toddler years when the child needs nourishment not only for mental and physical growth but also to provide support for the healthy development of the immune system and digestive tract.  Access to complete Protein from Dairy ingredients is essential for muscle growth and strength to support an active, bright and healthy child.

Amlat’s Infant Formula Product line will be launched in the last quarter of 2016.