Entertaining with Amlat Snack Cheese is Amazing…Let the Party Begin!

Amlat Snack Cheese Sticks make entertaining easy and fun when you create appetizers for your guests that also feature your favorite vegetables, cured meats and pickled condiments or tangy sauces.

Preparing Amlat Snack Cheeses for Cooking

Preparing recipes and hot dishes using Amlat Snack Cheese will require slicing, dicing or cubing the cheese sticks to ensure that it will melt properly in baked or fried appetizers or entreés.

To make cheese strips,

cut the stick in half and then in 4 quarters.

To make cubes,

cut the stick into 6-7 equal cubes.

To make slices,

cut the stick in thin slices, approximately 20-22 from each stick.