Wisconsin Advantages for Amlat

Amlat LLC is dedicated to creating and marketing a collection of exceptional American dairy products from Wisconsin USA for export to the Chinese marketplace. The purpose is to offer Chinese families and their children a dependable resource for the highest quality, most nutritious and food-safe dairy foods, while educating the mothers and children about the benefits of including these highest quality dairy foods in their daily diets.

Amlat’s intense research and development program has resulted in the creation of Amlat’s 3-Stage Infant Formula with the balance of rich nutrition and scientific study to replicate the composition of Chinese breast milk. This product category is the primary motivation for locating their dairy production business in Wisconsin—America’s Dairyland.

Building the Amlat™ brand with its Wisconsin Cheese Snack Product line also extends the dairy nutrition options for Chinese children, introducing new dairy food tastes and textures for this young consumer group and their families.

Amlat’s Wisconsin Cheese Products Benefit from All of these Wisconsin Quality Assurance Programs

All Amlat Cheese varieties are crafted and packaged in Wisconsin. Amlat’s Wisconsin Cheese suppliers are connected to Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers to oversee the make procedures for our most popular nature cheese varieties.  These Wisconsin-based companies are also state, national and international cheese competition award winners in the past decade for those cheese varieties that have been selected for Amlat brand’s introductory cheese product lines.

Wisconsin is the only U.S. State that has:

  • Master Cheese Makers Certification Programs. There are currently 59 Masters in the State.
  • Licensed Wisconsin Cheesemakers who must be registered to craft the State’s cheese products.
  • Wisconsin Certified Cheese Graders who inspect and grade all cheeses for quality and safety.

The United States of America produced a record-breaking 11.72 billion pounds of cheese in 2015.

  •  Wisconsin produces 25% of the U.S. total cheese products…in 2015 a record 3.03 billion pounds.
  • America’s Dairyland–has led the U.S. in cheese production for more than a century.
  • Wisconsin cheesemakers craft more than 600 varieties and types of cheese
  • Wisconsin has created 60 Wisconsin Cheese Originals in the past century—new types of cheese that were originally created in the State by Wisconsin cheesemakers.
  • The State’s cheesemakers lead the U.S. and the world in cheesecompetitions, bring home the most awards for cheesemaking excellence year after year.
  • Wisconsin ranks 4th in the world for cheese produced each year.

Exporting Amlat Dairy and Wisconsin Cheese products

Exporting Amlat Dairy and Wisconsin Cheese products is a complex and carefully monitored process to ensure that the dairy foods that arrive in China under the Amlat™ brand are always the highest quality and most food-safe products in the retail and foodservice marketplace.

It should be noted that the product is refrigerated in a bonded sealed container from the time it leaves the factory in the Wisconsin USA until it arrives at its destination in China.

1) The quality assurance step begins at our dairy supplier companies, where the cheesemaker selects the cheese varieties that are of the highest grade and meet all of the U.S. Food Standards of Identity and the State’s grading specifications.

2) All products are laboratory tested for food safety requirements before they are released for shipment.

3) The cheese varieties are selected and prepared for cutting, packaging and shipping.

4) The products are sealed and labeled in Amlat brand wraps, bags and boxes; then held in refrigerated cold storage between 34˚F. – 38˚F. until ready for shipment.

5) The boxed dairy products are loaded into a sealed refrigerated container and shipped from the Wisconsin cheese/dairy plant via a refrigerated semi-truck under a bonded logistics program to Chicago.

6) From the U.S. Midwest distribution center the Amlat products are shipped via refrigerated next-day-air freight or routed via refrigerated inter-modal rail to the Port of Departure on the U.S. West Coast. The refrigerated sealed container is then loaded onto the container ship which will arrive at the selected port in China in approximately 15 days.

7) Once At the port of entry the container is unsealed by Chinese Customs and inspected for compliance with Chinese Dairy Import Regulations.  Once Customs clears the product the container is resealed and forwarded onto the local distributor. Only then is the bonded seal broken and the  product unloaded, placed in a refrigerated warehouse where the required Chinese Labels are affixed to the packaging and scheduled for delivery to retail, food service or industrial customers.