Wisconsin Cheeses Selected for Amlat Snack Cheese!

All Amlat Cheese varieties are crafted and packaged in Wisconsin. Amlat’s Wisconsin Cheese suppliers are connected to Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers to oversee the make procedures for our most popular nature cheese varieties.  These Wisconsin-based companies are also state, national and international cheese competition award winners in the past decade for those cheese varieties that have been selected for Amlat brand’s introductory cheese product lines.

Amlat Offers 6 Wisconsin Cheese Varieties As Single-Serve Snack Cheese

Amlat’s Cheese Lady is proud to introduce the first category in Amlat’s Cheese Collection and our choices for Amlat’s Wisconsin Snack Sticks

  • Cheddar – Wisconsin’s most well-known Natural Cheese
  • Colby – Wisconsin Original
  • Colby-Jack– Wisconsin Original
  • Pepper Jack– Wisconsin Natural
  • Monterey Jack– WisconsinNatural
  • String Cheese– Wisconsin Original


Cheddar – Wisconsin Natural

Semi-hard cheese; gold color; smooth, firm texture; mild, creamy, nutty flavor.

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Cheddar Cheese Nutrition Facts
Cheddar Cheese Nutrition Facts

Amlat_Colby_CheeseColby – Wisconsin Original

Semi-hard cheese (created in 1874 in Colby, Wisconsin); firm but softer texture than Cheddar; golden color; mild, sweet flavor.

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Colby Cheese Nutrition Facts
Colby Cheese Nutrition Facts

Amlat_Monterey_Jack_CheeseMonterey Jack Cheese- Wisconsin Natural

Semi-soft cheese (created in USA in 1890); creamy white color; smooth texture; buttery, mild with a slightly tart flavor.

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Monterey Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts
Monterey Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts

Amlat_Colby_Jack_CheeseColby*Jack Cheese – Wisconsin Original

Semi-hard cheese (created in 1979 in Arena, Wisconsin); a blend of Colby and Monterey Jack washed-curds creating a marbled gold and white texture; and mild, buttery flavor.

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Colby Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts
Colby Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts

Amlat_Peper_Jack_CheesePepper Jack – Wisconsin Natural

Semi-soft Monterey Jack cheese with added flavors of chili peppers, as well as other peppers and herbs. Spicy, and creamy, with a slight tart flavor; speckled texture.

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Pepper Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts
Pepper Jack Cheese Stick Nutrition Facts

Amlat_String_CheeseString Cheese -Wisconsin Natural & Original

A whole milk or part-skim milk Mozzarella cheese formed in strips or sticks for snacking. Offers a delicate, milky flavor. Creamy white with a smooth, plastic texture, that opens into strings when pulled apart.

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String Cheese Nutrition Facts
String Cheese Nutrition Facts