Amlat’s brand logo tells a “story”… we selected a “milkmaid” for our brand logo.

She represents Amlat’s strong dairy connections so the brand image communicates with mothers and children to remind them of the importance of dairy foods in the daily diet. Cheesemaking was especially important for the milkmaid and her family because the *process preserved the milk for extended periods and kept it safe, nutritious and tasty for a long time as it aged in cool places like natural caves and underground cellars.

In Europe and America the milkmaid was recognized historically for hundreds of years, as the caretaker of her farm’s dairy cows.  She milked the cows, cared for and chilled the milk to keep it safe in her milk can, and then made it into delicious, nutritious dairy foods to nourish her family and preserve the products to keep them safe and extend their shelf-life and food safety.

In Wisconsin…Where all Amlat Dairy Products are Made…Women Cheesemakers Hold a Place of Honor and Respect!

In 1841 a Wisconsin farm woman, Anne Pickett, made cheesemaking history when she successfully started America’s first on-farm cooperative cheese business.  She added milk from her neighbors’ cows to her batches of farmhouse Cheddar cheese, and began selling the larger supply of cheese in the marketplace to support her family as well as the neighbor-farm families

Amlat Dairy has also created a special “Cheese Lady” to symbolize our exceptional Wisconsin cheese products.

She proudly displays, in place of the milkmaid’s can depicted on the logo, a wheel of Amlat Cheddar cheese.

All of Amlat’s Cheese products represented by our Cheese Lady are Wisconsin Natural and Wisconsin Original Cheese varieties crafted by Wisconsin Licensed Cheesemakers and graded by U.S. and Wisconsin Graders to ensure exceptional and consistent quality.

Amlat’s primary cheese supplier has Wisconsin Licensed Cheesemakers overseeing their make-procedures for six (6) of the most popular cheese varieties made in Wisconsin. All of the Amlat varieties are crafted and packaged in Wisconsin.  

We are proud to introduce the first category for Amlat’s Cheese Collection and our choices for Amlat’s Wisconsin Snack SticksCheddar (Wisconsin’s most well-known Natural cheese); Wisconsin Originals…Colby and Colby-Jack…, Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack and String Cheese.