Welcome to Amlat™ Dairy. 

We are located in Wisconsin USA, a region that is recognized worldwide as “America’s Dairyland”.

Amlat™ LLC is dedicated to the creation and marketing of exceptional dairy products…Natural Cheese and Infant Formula from Wisconsin-USA for export to the Chinese marketplace.

Amlat selected Wisconsin as its dairy business site to ensure that all of our dairy products are exceptional, food-safe, nutritious and delicious.

Wisconsin’s natural environment is very important for Amlat and the dairy products we are producing and marketing for export to China’s markets.

Amlat’s Dairy business is situated in southern Wisconsin (near the Great Lakes-Michigan), within Wisconsin’s region of Green County.  That area of America is famous for its rolling hills and lush green pastures, and plentiful waters that nourish thousands of dairy cows. That natural environment ensures that the dairy cows continuously produce a huge supply of exceptional milk. And that is very important for Amlat and the dairy products we are producing for export to China’s markets.

Our natural agricultural setting near Monroe, Wisconsin is also combined and enriched with the State’s cheesemaking expertise and reputation for dairy product innovation. Wisconsin is recognized worldwide as the source for more than 600 exceptional Natural cheese varieties.

Each year more than 90% of Wisconsin’s milk production is made into cheese at the 127 Licensed Wisconsin Cheese Plants. The State produced over 3.3 billion pounds of cheese in 2017, and Wisconsin cheesemakers will break that record with even more pounds in 2018.

Wisconsin has more dairy cows per square mile than any other U.S. State.  There are1.28 million dairy cows in Wisconsin—that is equal to the number of school children in Wisconsin.

The United States of America again produced a record-breaking 12.66 billion pounds of cheese in 2017.

  •  Wisconsin produces 25% of the U.S. total cheese products… in 2017 a record 3.366 Billion pounds.
  • America’s Dairyland–has led the U.S. in cheese production for more than a century.
  • Wisconsin cheesemakers craft more than 600 varieties and types of cheese
  • Wisconsin has created 60 Wisconsin Cheese Originals in the past century—new types of cheese that were originally created in the State by Wisconsin cheesemakers.
  • The State’s cheesemakers lead the U.S. and the world in cheese competitions, bring home the most awards for cheesemaking excellence year after year.
  • Wisconsin ranks 4th in the world for cheese produced each year.

Wisconsin is the only U.S. State that has:

  • Master Cheese Makers Certification Programs. There are currently more than 70 Masters in the State.
  • Licensed Wisconsin Cheesemakers who must be registered to craft the State’s cheese products.
  • Wisconsin Certified Cheese Graders who inspect and grade all cheeses for quality and safety.


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Amlat Mission

Amlat’s purpose is to offer Chinese families and their children a dependable resource for the most nutritious and food-safe dairy foods, while educating the mothers and children about the benefits of including these exceptional quality dairy foods in their daily diet.

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